Ford Builds A Car Only A Mother Could Love

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Have you ever yearned to return to the days of learning how to drive, your mom sitting in the passenger seat, clutching the dashboard for dear life every time she sees brake lights come on? I would venture to guess most teens with a recently acquired license would answer with a resounding “not really”, but I would also bet that many parents would love to have more control over the driving habits of their 16-year-old. Ford had a similar train of thought when they developed their MyKey system, which allows parents to inhibit automobile functions with specialized keys. This new feature can, among other things, limit the top speed to 80 mph, keep the stereo at a lower volume, as well as tell the car to emit tones when it reaches certain speeds. Currently, Ford is only offering this feature on the new Focus Coupes, but they have made plans to extend it to other vehicles in the near future. The technology is nothing new (many cars use a similar technology to allow the driver to program specific seat positions and stereo settings) but this is the first time it has been used to limit car functions. This seems like a pretty intersting idea, but it also seems to be a bit controlling.  I imagine the parents that use this would be the same ones that home school their kids until college and never let them watch R-rated movies. This is in stark contrast to how I was raised, which was, according to legend, by wolves.


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