6-LED Cap Light, Because You Can’t Wear a Miner’s Hat In the House

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LED hat light

It looks like those crazy geniuses over at Brando have done it yet again.  In a bold follow up to their 5-LED Cap Light, these gentlemen have made the unprecedented move to SIX LEDs!  The light array is designed to be clipped on to the bill of any hat that you want to look ridiculous to become your mobile hands-free lighting device.  The cap-light features three different modes of lighting (although strangely enough, none of them involve using all six lights at once).  You can either have two lights on, four lights on, or two flashing red LEDs.  I’m guessing they figured that after the horrible accidents involving the use of 5 LEDs, that simply cutting out the possibility for a 6 LED disaster was a prudent safety choice for their 6 LED-based device.  Powered by 2 CR2032 Batteries, this water resistant $15 beauty is sure to give you hours of light-based enjoyment.  I’d buy one, but I’m holding out for a 7 LED model in the future.  I don’t want to be walking around with my obsolete 6 LED hat clip, and have all the other kids on the block making fun of my inferior hat-based lights… making me bask in their potential 7 LED lit glory.  More ridiculousness after the jump.

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