5 Second Stadium Toy is Stopwatch Minus Functionality

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5 second watch

Asovision (most likely pronounced ASS-oh-vision) is the mastermind behind this new Olympics-inspired Quasi-Game.  The 5 Second Stadium Toy is basically a stopwatch without a screen displaying the passage of time.  Instead, there are just a couple of lights that let you know whether or not you have pressed the stop button at exactly the five second mark.  In other news, the 5 Second Stadium Toy just won the Swongled Award for Dumbest Toy Ever (narrowly defeating the Guitar Hero Air Guitar “toy”).  If I was Ass-oh-vision, I think I would have made a few slight changes to this “device”.  First, I would have at least made the packaging make a little sense.  Seriously now, “ITEM” “MOVIE” “EFFECT” “FLASH”?  What the hell do those things have to do with a dumbed-down stopwatch?  Most importantly, however, the light that lets you know that you’ve successfully timed out 5 seconds in your head has got to go.  I would have to replace this light with a tiny hand that comes out of the device and slaps the “winner” across the face, letting them know that even though they have “won”, they still lose in life for having purchased such a ridiculous device.


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