2GB Skull Ring is Bad, Ass

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Skull Ring

Solid Alliance, a company that is well-known for USB Accessories made for the today’s goth/nerd on the go, has decided that a skull ring would be the best vehicle for their new storage solution.  No longer do goth nerds need to carry around functionless chunks of metal on their fingers in the name of being “anti-establishment” and hardcore.  They can now sport functional plastic skulls packed with 2GB of their favorite slipknot tunes and anarchist diatribes.

I’m not so sure that this sort of product is created for me in mind.  Yeah, I wouldn’t mind being able to unhinge the “jaw” of my ring, and store all of my porn precious documents on my hand, but this thing is just lame.  Who needs to show how badass they are through jewlery?  I prefer the old fashioned way of drinking a liter of Jack Daniels and starting fights with the local elementary schoolers (which I only occasionally lose).

Oh, and did I mention that this monstrosity costs $145?  That kinda money should buy much more than 2GB of storage.  Especially for what amounts to a promise ring for nerds.  You know, promise rings… those rings that show off your committment to not having sex until marriage.  These are like those, except they show off your inability to find someone to have sex with you.

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