August 2008

ASUS F6 Laptops Stink (In a Good Way)

Thumbnail image for ASUS F6 Laptops Stink (In a Good Way) August 25, 2008

There have been some crazy laptop ideas in the past, but ASUS may have topped them all with their soon-to-be released F6 line of stinky computers.  This line of laptops feature a relatively standard set of specs: 13.3″ WXGA screen, an integrated webcam, an Intel Core2 Duo processor, up to 4GB of RAM support, and [...]

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Awesome Enema

Thumbnail image for Awesome Enema August 22, 2008

Forget clowns. Forget bounce houses. Forget chocolate fountains. Forget everything else you have ever considered to be good, clean fun. This is what a birthday party will need to be truly memorable. May I introduce a dream brought to life. The AirKick Water forces water out through a rocket nozzle directly under your soon-to-be-soiled seat [...]

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USB Rechargable Shaver: Why?

Thumbnail image for USB Rechargable Shaver: Why? August 21, 2008

I’m starting to think that the electrical outlet’s days are numbered, as all things will soon be powered by USB.  First it was mice and keyboards, then media devices and hard drives, soon after that all sorts of things started popping up like refrigerators, flashlights, dancing hula girls and fans.  Now we can shave via [...]

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Rain Gets Rich People Wet Too

Thumbnail image for Rain Gets Rich People Wet Too August 21, 2008

I don’t know about you, but I have long been considering a Bugatti Veyron as my next automobile. It had been a toss up between the BMW Isetta and the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, but I started leaning towards the Isetta when I remembered that I would ruin my toupee if a pesky rain [...]

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Direct TV to Offer 1080p Content?

Thumbnail image for Direct TV to Offer 1080p Content? August 21, 2008

When 1080p TVs started rolling out a few years ago, “experts” were claiming that 1080p content was several years away from being widely available over cable or satellite.  It seems like they were correct to some degree, but Direct TV and Dish Network are now starting to beta test “On Demand” 1080p video content (mostly [...]

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Bored Person Makes Something Stupid

Thumbnail image for Bored Person Makes Something Stupid August 20, 2008

Have you ever been eating a sandwich in the dark and thought, “Gee, I sure would like this bread to light up like a rave party, circa 1996″? Well, neither have I, but somebody out there did and went about constructing a bread circuit board to run some flashing LEDs. I must admit, it looks [...]

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5 Second Stadium Toy is Stopwatch Minus Functionality

Thumbnail image for 5 Second Stadium Toy is Stopwatch Minus Functionality August 20, 2008

Asovision (most likely pronounced ASS-oh-vision) is the mastermind behind this new Olympics-inspired Quasi-Game.  The 5 Second Stadium Toy is basically a stopwatch without a screen displaying the passage of time.  Instead, there are just a couple of lights that let you know whether or not you have pressed the stop button at exactly the five [...]

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HACKED! USB Drive is Concept-y, Awesome

Thumbnail image for HACKED! USB Drive is Concept-y, Awesome August 19, 2008

Those clever bastards over at Fred & Friends have done it again.  I’m starting to think of these guys as the Anti-Brando.  They come up with original concepts that deliver on our tech dreams (as well as nifty household gadget dreams) that we didn’t even know we had in the first place.  This time, they’ve [...]

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